Depressive Age - The Story (Autumn Times Ii) lyrics

[Klemp , Lubitzki]

I feel you whisper - so far, dear sister
But now a shudder - your voice, stepfather
Is it a deception? - or true affection?
Do you feel better? - Are you together?

Old fingers touch a young girl's skin, unusual love or sin?
Tough leather slides on her velvety cover, never any other
Except stepfather gets her love
She's thirteen years old
He's got her in a cage of cold

Their sensitive relationship grows to great fears, transformed
To trouble and tears, every day when her head's on his shoulder
This fifty year man seems to be colder
Mother's pain, she wants to reveal what's going on in the family
One day in autumn sister shocked stepfather, me and
My mother when she gave her earthly life an end

His hair is grey, tender his words, he swears on her grave:
"No one will ever separate our love's heat, I'll meet you in heaven
Soon we shall be free". He trusted in this and in half a year
By his own oath he had disappeared

I feel you whisper - So far...