Denney Kevin - Ain't Skeered lyrics

Third grade, I wrote you a notedo you like me, Tell me yes or no you said noThen in high school I asked yu again,You said, "you'll have to askMy boyfriend, big jim"

(chorus:)There's no fear, I don't care,I'm right hereI ain't skeered, I ain't skeeredNo, there's no danger I wouldn'tFace
'cause my love for you makesMe braveI want to make it perfectly clearNo matter how it may appearI ain't skeered
Finally, you said yesAnd by the fifth date we wereMaking progressGood lord, yes!I was shy and you were notYou let your hair down and hitThe car door locksSaid, "ready or not"

(repeat chorus)
Tonight's the nightI got a ladder and you're writingThe notesaying we've elopedYour dad, he's meanSleeps light, he's and ex-marineHe bleeds green

(repeat chorus)
I ain't skeeredNo, I ain't skeeredI ain't skeered