Denison Marrs - Involuntary Suicide Signal lyrics

I was just sitting here
With the earth sliding beneath me
Watching the mountains grow
That's when you said that you need me
What good am I
But a wasted amount that was energized
I'll never try
I'll just evolve into suicide

Don't call me
Don't you seek me out
I don't care to know
What love with you is about

Perhaps you, you couldn't hear
Maybe you didn't receive
The signal telling of
How I don't care of what we could be
You should evacuate
I refuse to investigate our potential
Now allow me to rest in peace

Don't ask me
You can't beg enough
I will never return your love

Every time I crawl
I crawl away to die
You always end up
Right there by my side
So let me hear just one more time
Of your plans to save my life
And how you'll love me until the end of time

Please call me
Won't you seek me out
I'm dying to know
What love with you is about

Please ask me again
Then show me how
Isn't this funny
I'm the one begging now