Deniro Farrar - Mindless (2013)

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Deniro Farrar - Mindless lyrics

With your feet in the air and your head in the ground
Try this trick, spinning

[Verse: 1]
Lost my mind at the voting poll
Police on my totem pole
Hoes is too and they know I'm broke
But my dick is dope and my flow is dope
Running game on her mental
Never fuck with her on her menstrual
Game sharp as a No.2 pencil
Drawing on fuck niggas, no stencil
Red beam on you, no pimple
Let me calm my nerves down
Codeine slowin' my words down
I'm swervin' on the curb now
Smoked away my memory
And all my evil tendencies
I ain't seen my mind in so damn long
Won't be me, I hope it remembers me

Where is my mind? X3

[Verse: 2]
Lost my mind on a mission
Dope boy still in the kitchen
Or the trap with that Pyrex vision
Cooking dope trynna get me a Bentley, but
My grandma sick, need a kidney
One thing one my mind, gotta get it
Y'all niggas rap about it, I live it
Y'all niggas never seen it, I did it, ugh
Lost my mind, I'm the sickest
Nigga, I don't need no witness
Y'all bitch niggas be the ones that witness
On the stand pointin' out who did it, ugh
I'm hollerin' "fuck your clique!"
I'll fuck your bitch when the case spit
With no kick, they holler "oh shit!"
My mind gone, but I'm focused


[Verse: 3]
Lost my mind in a fuckin' Bible
Feelin' like God when I hold my rifle
Killin' off life cause they just recycle
Fuck you, who you? I ain't like you
Balled up fist, and I wanna fight you
Take my life, shit, I know you'd like to
My mind is a weapon and I just might shoot
...So y'all better duck down
Anybody seen my memory?
Layin' next to John Kennedy
Or Kurt Cobain, what a goddamn shame
Sometimes I feel like ending me, but
Is it really worth it?
Shit, Cause I'm still searchin'
For my brain, or a better purpose
Cause right now I feel worthless, then
Karma brung pain, I deserved it
My inner thoughts got deserted
That lack of faith was my burden
It taught me to be more assertive
I got me a pack, start servin'
Then got me a gun for the murder
211 them burglars
My evil thoughts go unheard of, ugh
Master mind of my craft, nigga
You think you get half nigga?
You must be high as fuck and out of your mind
I'mma just laugh, nigga