Deniro Farrar - Good Girl (2013)

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Deniro Farrar - Good Girl lyrics

[Intro: Imogen Heap]
Lay down, deep breaths
Count to 10, nod your head

[Verse: 1]
Shorty feel different when we on them drugs
Good girl but fell in love with a thug
I don't wanna hit the block and I don't wanna club
Netflix on the couch, cuddle up with her
Sticking to the plays, never huddle up
Undress her slow, have her cumming in a rush
Hate to see me go, I never tell her "bye"
It's cheating in her eyes if I tell her lies
Brand new whip, brand new titties
Brand new bitties come with every city
Down to fuck any nigga rollin' with me
Bag full of drugs just to keep me up
Phone full of hoes and they down to fuck
It get rough, cause all I think about is her
Shit, we FaceTime every time my show over
G5 Benz, she don't do no Range Rover
She say we growing distant so I hold her closer
She coming back cause I never give her closure
I like the way you smell, I love the way you fuck
Let's make some pretty babies baby but it ain't a rush

[Verse 2:]
Never fell in love, now I'm catchin' feelings
What goos is being rich if you can't share it with me?
Breakfast in your bed, waking up to head
She never complaining 'bout how I get this bread
I promise I'll be home before you go to sleep
Tell me 'bout your day, while I rub your feet
She scared for her nigga, cause I'm in these streets
Livin' by the gun, ridin' with my heat
She in love with her nigga, cause I keep it G
Fuckin' up her 'do when we in them sheets
I swear to God, we don't be getting no sleep
And it's all war cause we don't no peace
Family talkin' down, they don't know me
It's really "fuck 'em," but my feelings low key
She good with her nigga, she got the dough key
Touchdown nigga, and that pussy deep
Take a quick break, roll more weed
Round two, now you're 'bout to go to sleep
Took a quick break, and roll more weed
Round two, now you're 'bout to go to sleep

I mean it's like,
Every time you be with a nigga, you know what I mean?
You just tell me you're so worry free
You be so stressed out, when you be, I don't know
Fuckin' with that nigga and shit
Nigga a motherfuckin' liar

Yo, KOBK the murder gang