Deluge - Fordirelifesake - These Nights Will Define Me lyrics

I've done my part don't stop to start And now i could never ever feel the same What's left behind? And did you ever think we'd see these signs? Counting cars at midnight? I can't feel the same Some things never come back I've done my part but you never seem to see me through this Wake me up for every moment take it back with every goodbye As you find the time to wait for me I'm finding the time to find myself The songs still remind me but these nights will define me While your waiting for me I'll be watching roads pass through the open window Looking for ways to divide this drive and to find a phone line to keep this all in line How do you balance priorities when every day is a weekend? But at the week's end I'll be back on seventy-five How do you balance backwards? You'll never try your laughter thins the line You'll never risk simplicity you'll never try your motives hide from time It's not that easy you might not see me