Deltron 3030 - Memory Loss lyrics (Chinese translation). | You try to get over your gonna go under 
, You try to get over your gonna go under 
, Literally it's...
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Deltron 3030 - Memory Loss (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: You try to get over your gonna go under
ZH: 你试着忘掉你要去

EN: You try to get over your gonna go under
ZH: 你试着忘掉你要去

EN: Literally it's 3030
ZH: 它字面上的 3030

EN: I don't got time to be wasting time on you slow pokes
ZH: 我没时间浪费时间在你慢吞吞

EN: I want y'all to, get open, like the ocean
ZH: 我希望你们能弄开,象海洋

EN: Brothers be buggin like "He's from Oakland?"
ZH: 兄弟会还监听像"他是从奥克兰吗?"

EN: What? I'll whoop you insinuatin we ain't capable
ZH: 什么吗?我会呐喊你 insinuatin 我们不是有能力

EN: Stupid ass niggas is gonna rape a hoe
ZH: 蠢驴黑鬼打算强奸一把锄头

EN: A few out a thousand
ZH: 出一千几

EN: My town is foundin fathers of the black panthers we provide answers
ZH: 我的小镇是在找到父亲的黑豹党我们提供的答案

EN: You don't wanna believe then y'all are some blind bastards
ZH: 你不想相信然后你们都是一些盲目的混蛋

EN: They got you set up real good you're generalizing
ZH: 他们给了你设置你要推广的真的很好

EN: Industry rising while energies reclining
ZH: 行业上升而卧的能量

EN: Niggas think I'm whinin but I really don't give a shit
ZH: 爱你认为我是 whinin,但我真的不在乎

EN: Cause everybody's dyin but y'all think that's the end of it
ZH: 导致每个人的死,但你们都以为那是它的结束

EN: Thats why it's so easy to be a Benedict
ZH: 这就是为什么它是那么容易受本尼迪克特

EN: Or imitate cause they wouldn't teach ya algebra when you was eight
ZH: 或模仿你八岁的时候他们不会教你代数的原因

EN: Now you fourty-eight and you hate children
ZH: 现在你四十八和你讨厌的儿童

EN: Forgot where you came from now your straight illin
ZH: 忘了你是从哪儿来的现在你直明明在身上

EN: Don't fight the feelin
ZH: 不打架的感觉

EN: You better deal with it
ZH: 你更好地处理它

EN: It don't matter what you do or say
ZH: 你做什么,或者说它不重要

EN: Try to get away but I'm gonna catch ya
ZH: 试着离开,但我要去抓震遐

EN: Wanna compare your self to them
ZH: 想要比较你对他们的自我

EN: Well guess what homeboy you don't match up
ZH: 好想你不匹配什么痞子

EN: I'm my own individual so I know it isn't true just cuz you say it is
ZH: 我是我自己个人,所以我知道这不是真的只是因为你说这是

EN: Cuz anything thats truth got proof it ain't you
ZH: 因为是真理的东西找到证据证明它不是你

EN: That's simply just the way it is
ZH: 这就是简单地就是的这样

EN: [Del: sing]
ZH: [德尔: 唱]

EN: [Sean Lennon]
ZH: [肖恩 · 列侬]

EN: Lookin up the sky is red
ZH: 最天空是红色的

EN: City's burning up over head (flame on baby)
ZH: 城市的燃烧头上盘旋 (火焰的婴儿)

EN: We can make the best of it
ZH: 我们可以让最好的它

EN: [Del:] (rock that)
ZH: [德尔:](石头)

EN: In this post apocolypse (right on)
ZH: 在这个帖子中 apocolypse (上)

EN: I'm on some real shit
ZH: 我在一些真正狗屎

EN: So real brothers feel this
ZH: 因此,真正的兄弟觉得这

EN: Cause we know reality is crazy
ZH: 因为我们知道现实是疯了

EN: Thats why nothin amaze me
ZH: 这就是为什么吸引力令我惊讶

EN: Look in the past
ZH: 看过去

EN: You might have to go farther then the book in your class
ZH: 您可能必须走得更远然后在您的类的书

EN: My niggas cookin some crack and moms gets the first hit
ZH: 炫一些裂纹和妈妈我爱你获取的第一次命中

EN: Thats ok with you? thats ok with me
ZH: 这就是与你确定吗?这就是和我一起 ok

EN: I'm not here to judge the way you be
ZH: 我不是来判断你的方式

EN: I got my own ccomplications the governmen't shoeless rations
ZH: 我有我自己的 ccomplications governmen't 赤脚口粮

EN: Plantations is manlabor for 5 bucks for hourly intervels
ZH: 种植园是 5 块钱为每小时 intervels manlabor

EN: I get a G for that
ZH: 获取这一 G

EN: So believe what I spit to you is given back
ZH: 所以,相信我对你吐的痰还给

EN: Don't think that I'm livin that dream
ZH: 不觉得这一梦想而活

EN: When the I.R.S reposes most of your cream
ZH: 当国税局最闭目的你的奶油

EN: It's like I dream when I die I wake up
ZH: 就像我梦到我死的时候我醒了过来

EN: I see all the people I disrespected and try to make up
ZH: 我看到所有的人我不尊重,尽量弥补

EN: It's praise to the creator, relate to nature
ZH: 它的创造者,赞美与自然的关系