Delicate News - Fresh Stentorian News lyrics

Scheme / delight pleasure
Unfolding mask beyond a bashful smile
It's time to make another hopeful lie
It's time to play up with you
Cos you - tell us - lies!
Scheme / artificial orders
Crash my motley landscape of a better day
Modern bleedings!
It's time to impose on you this gossip
It's time to destroy your headless cry
You - tell us - lies!
I'm sitting in a corner
Feeling fine
Notice nothing
Hatching plots for your boring time
Scheme / snarl illusions
Your talk refreshing like a mud-bath
A face like a hole / your tongue a dagger of flesh
Your mouth a snakepool for pulp fictions
A garden for the 7 signs of death
I gonna get you / I gonna get you right now!