Delerium - Aria lyrics (Portuguese translation). | I have wist, sin i couthe meen,
, That children hath by candle light
, Her shadewe on the wal...
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Delerium - Aria (Portuguese translation) lyrics

EN: I have wist, sin i couthe meen,
PT: Eu tenho wist, eu pecar meen couthe,

EN: That children hath by candle light
PT: Que as crianças tem à luz de velas

EN: Her shadewe on the wal iseen,
PT: Seu shadewe sobre a iseen de wal,

EN: And ronne therafter all the night.
PT: E ronne subsequente a noite toda.

EN: Bisy aboute they han ben
PT: Bisy aboute eles han ben

EN: To catchen it with all here might.
PT: A catchen com tudo aqui pode.

EN: And whom they catchen it best wolde wene,
PT: E quem eles catchen que melhor wolde wene,

EN: Sannest it shet out of her sight,
PT: Sannest-shet fora de sua vista,

EN: The shadewe catchen they ne might,
PT: O catchen de shadewe eles pode ne,

EN: For no lines that they couthe lay.
PT: Para não as linhas que eles couthe leigos.

EN: This shadewe i may likne aright
PT: Este shadewe me permite likne corretamente

EN: To this world and yesterday
PT: Para este mundo e ontem