Delerium - Aria lyrics (Chinese translation). | I have wist, sin i couthe meen,
, That children hath by candle light
, Her shadewe on the wal...
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Delerium - Aria (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: I have wist, sin i couthe meen,
ZH: 我有腕部,罪我 couthe 艺术类

EN: That children hath by candle light
ZH: 儿童耶和华的蜡烛光

EN: Her shadewe on the wal iseen,
ZH: 她对沃尔玛 iseen,shadewe

EN: And ronne therafter all the night.
ZH: 和 ronne 增幅了一整夜。

EN: Bisy aboute they han ben
ZH: Bisy 企业他们韩本

EN: To catchen it with all here might.
ZH: Catchen 到它与所有在这里可能。

EN: And whom they catchen it best wolde wene,
ZH: 人,而他们 catchen 它最佳的 · 沃尔德队

EN: Sannest it shet out of her sight,
ZH: Sannest 它离开她的视线,每版

EN: The shadewe catchen they ne might,
ZH: Shadewe catchen 他们 ne 可能,

EN: For no lines that they couthe lay.
ZH: 一号线,他们 couthe 躺。

EN: This shadewe i may likne aright
ZH: 我可能 likne 正道这 shadewe

EN: To this world and yesterday
ZH: 对这个世界和昨天