Delay - 71n lyrics

Mom and Dad I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to grow up. I don't think that I wanted this, I couldn't make it stop and I know that things will never, never be the same and I know that it still sounds funny when you call my name. And the house is so quiet. You make jokes and pretend like you like it, but I know the pain of silence. Don't think I didn't find it, 'cause I did and I will and I can't hide from it anymore. We all know what's happening. Don't say a word. We try to act like we always did, but you know it doesn't work. I don't know if it has to be like this, but it's too late 'cause it is. I think that it's working 'cause I've got confidence like I never had. It seems we're so busy. I can tell that you miss me. I promise things will get better. I'll have more time for family, but right now I hope you understand I'm doing my best just to grow up I guess. So I was running through the house I said that I had to get out. Don't you know that I didn't mean that. Now that I am out, I only have one wish that I could go back home and run through the yard and jump to the stone that's always there and right from the stone I jump to the second stair. I throw the door open and it hits the house. I'm sorry that I'm always so loud. I know you're gonna wait for me on the couch. Wait for me, every time. I'm late again, but I know that you're gonna wait again.