Del Tha Funkee Homosapien - Soopa Feen lyrics

Soopa Feen he used to gleam and glow
Before he became a fiend for blow, unredeemable
I seen him go insane
Straight from cocaine, graduated to no brain
He went from Polo’s to no name
Pawned everything even his gold chain
Now his skin is dingy, he be singeing
His lips on a glass tube and pass on food
His ass all glued to the seat of his pants
Got cuts and hella puss on his feet and his hands
Completely entranced, give this nigga a face wipe
Before he meet his contact, commissioner base pipe
For new assignments, cause he said it don’t taste right
He used to cop that hop, so his face might look familiar to some
And now your boy’s plumb dumb
Running around the slums, sticking his tongue out at young females
He sees trails, he think they’re aliens
He starts bellin’ in the precinct his feet stink
They throw him in the clink, cause he 5150

He got his Garfield and Otey beach towel for his cape
And safety pin he use to clean the screen
[I was feeeen before I became a teen]
Now he’s a vigilante on Delancey
Then ran to Chancellor looking for his counselor
(His trusty sidekick Faultor!) for an ounce or a sack at least
[Well, crack the hash and peep and then it's back to sleep]
Well actually he got the master keys
More practices in the crack cave where they got a factory
Soopa Feen is skinny can slide through small areas
For quick getaways while Faultor pull the Derringer
That’s his ace, shiesty as fuck
His specialty is gafflin niggas, extorting their bucks
His best power, the invisible gank
If in your wallet there isn’t no bank
He contacts Soopa Feen with telepathy
Saying, "you need crack man, I need amphetamines"
He’s faster than a speed trip, stronger than a nigga on ‘ron
He think he a superhero, he just gone

He can’t really fly but uses a harness
To leap tall building in his undergarments
His teeth are tarnished, he was banished from Berkely
Now he’s up in North Oakland looking really perky
Never think he’s jerky, but he really is
He plays with the neighborhood kids with fizz
Coming out the sides of his mouth
Sometimes he hides in the house devises new routes
So he could be up and out if he see po po
If he stalk ya while ya jaywalking looking very awkward
He don’t stay far from the corner where they slang caine
He got the mega migrane sort of like his spider sense
That he can’t fight against
Me I’d rather light a spliff, that’s as high as I can get
But Soopa Feen is super human, he got the crystal lungs
From the planet base with cream will get you sprung
And niggas wanna beat your ass for all the shit you done
But you fight crime in your own special way
When you in the holding tank and other fiends won’t let you get your way
You never catch a case cause your slick
High beams projecting, but you’re never caught with shit