Del Mccoury Band - Asheville Turnaround lyrics

I've been burning up the blacktop

I've been wearin' out these tires

I've got a rebuilt carburetor

I've got brand new spark plug wires

I'be been clutchin and a brakin

I've been up these hills and down

Her good love keeps me makin

That Asheville turnaround

I've been working like the dickens

Trying to make a livin

Just waitin for the weed to end

I try to pay attention

But it's hard to keep from thinkin'

Bout bein' in her arms again

There ain't a woman finer

Than the one in Carolina

At the top of Black Mountain Road

Friday comes around

I'll pour some coffee down

And buddy I'll be good to go

Now three hundred four

And a half miles one way

Puts me on her front pourch steps

I know what I got comin'

The kissin' and a huggin'

About as good as any man can get

For two days and two nights

Everthing's alright

Happy as a hardwood tree

The only thing wrong

When Sunday comes along

I've got to rocket back to Tennessee

After last chorus:

Just can't let her down

She's the best girl I have found

I make that Ashville turnaround.