Dej Loaf - Like A Hoe (2015)

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Dej Loaf - Like A Hoe lyrics

[Intro: Iceberg Slim]
Listen square-ass bitch
I have never had a ho that i couldn't do without
I celebrate, bitch, when a whore leaves me
You scurvy bitch

[Verse 1]
Lately I've been under pressure
Make me wanna put a fuck nigga on a stretcher
They like, "Damn, why you so aggressive?"
Cause I've been going through some things
And I'm tired of playing with these niggas
All this pain I done been through tryna change how we living
Rock shows and throw them old chains in the venues
We don't hang out the window, might aim out the window
Keep it on the low, "DL" my initials
Niggas be dickriders, I ain't worried 'bout competition
Don't bring them bitches up cause on my dogs, I'll sick 'em
Mike Jack thriller, 04/Old 4 Pistols
Wan't beef? I'll serve a bitch that old pie dinner
That's fireplace, we might pop up where your mama stay
Park inside her driveway, car ain't got no license plate
Success be like a block away, get the fuck up out my way
How you feel, closer to my dreams like Goapale
I'm trynna make a mill nigga, how you tryna operate?

Treat a nigga like a ho
I got what you need
I got what you want
Treat a nigga like a ho
Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho
(Treat a nigga like a ho)

[Verse 2]
I been acting up since an adolescence
No one can tell me shit i had my own preference
Keep them on they toes DeJ keep em guessin'
I keep a weapon, so just keep it steppin'
I don't like Giuseppes, rather do Chanel
Free Tony, I wish he had bail
I'm switching lanes in that G-wagon
My bae about his business but his jeans sagging
Your bitch barely made it she a C-average
We already won, ain't no rematches
All my guys getting money, ant no team captains
Take a L, bounce back gotta restack it
Alright but I ain't got no weed habit
I just gotta shoe and getting cheese fetish
I was cooling down, now I'm revampin'
All these bitches is my sons, got what they need daddy

Treat a nigga like a ho (ho)
Treat a nigga like a ho (ho)
Treat a nigga like a ho (ho)
Treat a nigga like a ho (ho)

Treat a nigga like a ho (ho)
(Treat these bitches like hoes) x6

Treat these niggas like hoes yo

Treat a nigga like a ho
Catch him while he plotting though
Take you for the ride don't [?]
All these niggas do is run the mouth and get they gossip on
If you scared pussy nigga, call the coppers on me

Nigga, next time you hear gron folks talking shut the fuck up, heard