Defy - Disintegrate You lyrics

I was in time
But everything you told me was a lie

I stayed in line
But every fucking thing that you swore... (ugh)

And no!
I won't enroll

And no!
I have lost control

I will not comply (I defy)

I can never die

Disintegrate you
Disintegrate you
Disintegrate you

I took your side
But all it got me
Was more fucking lies

Don't you think
That I would care
If you died right now
I won't shed a tear

And no!
I won't take your pill

And no!
I won't give your fill

I will not comply
Cause I will never

Let's bring it all down
Let's fuck it all up (incinerate it all)
Let's tear it to the ground (incinerate it all)
But still nothing adds up