Defeated Sanity - Calculated Barbarity lyrics

Human creativity
Spawning amorality
Altruism and compassion
Ignored in times of collision

Decimation in development
Maximum effectivity is desired

Taxpayers assure my affluence
Greedfilled, mind processing atrocity
Blueprints on cold white paper
Soon a bloodred reality

Metallic entity splits into
Little pieces violently penetrating flesh
Lacerated mortally
A slow death among the remains of those you cherished

Survivors manifoldly wounded
Entire body metal stuffed
Doctors unable to help
Surgery would become catstrophy

Horrid excruciations as you wish for death
Spoilt meat, hopelessly vegetating
Euthanasia, acts of mercy
Carried out by your loved ones

Inhalation of toxicity
Chest starts to collapse
As you lose control of bodily functions
Vomiting, defecation

Body twitching, convulsive spasms
A torturous prelude to death
Becoming comatose
Victim dies from suffocation

Sermons of wisdom
Lulling the masses
Women and children butchered
Under the cloak of legality

A dormant menace
Lethal remnants blowing apart
Abandoned naked infants
Forced to dwell the wasteland