Def Leppard - Hysteria (1987)

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Def Leppard - Hysteria  music video lyrics

Out of touch, out of reach yeah
You could try to get closer to me
Im in luck
Im in deep, yeah
Hypnotized, Im shakin to my knees

I gotta know tonight, if youre alone tonight
Cant stop this feeling
Cant stop this fire
Oh, I get hysterical, hysteria, oh can you feel it?
(oh can you feel it? )
Do you believe it?
(do you believe it? )
Its such a magical mysteria when you get that feelin
(when you get that feelin)
Better start believin
(better start believin its a)
cos its a miracle, oh say you will
Ooh babe
Hysteria when youre near

Out of me, into you yeah
You could hide its just a one way street
Oh, I believe Im in you, yeah
Open wide, thats right!
Dream me off my feet
Oh, believe in me

Come on
Ooh babe
(oh, can you feel it? )
Ooh baby
(do you believe I get hysterical? )
(when you get that feelin)
Youd better believe it!
(better start believin)
cos its a miracle, oh, say you will
Oh babe, say you will
(get closer to me)
Get closer baby
(get closer)
Closer to me