Dee-1 - One Man Army (Remix) (2010)

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Dee-1 - One Man Army (Remix) lyrics

Let’s start with a game
Might lose again
I’m asking the feds
… now I’m black
God by my side
So no man can harm me
This is the story of
One man army
I’m strapped with a …
My pimp is my game

Just me
No team and no click
No partners no relatives not even my chick
No jewelry no cars no fancy … cars
No steak no …. my war
No man can understand my position
Is like I’m speaking bars from behind bars
Because Earth is my prison
Don’t talk just listen
Cause I’m the definition of a man on a mission
Of a man with the vision
I plan with precision
I battle like a soldier
No alcohol I deal with my stress sober
Fight is over but it ain’t never over
Cause every day I got a new ship on my shoulder
.. like i now him.. I make you visualize my music
So I call it ….
As long as God is with me no man can harm me
This is the story of a one man army


Some of my friends … on me so they can roll
But they all don’t feel my movement …
I’m gonna stick to my flow … rich now I’m poor
Who really went down for me
I’m just itching to know
.. rustle ling and now I stab
Is my metaphor for writing songs on the clock
I won’t stop until I …. Be
Cause I don’t need indiscreet, indiscreet need me
Now I have whatever they want got no … what they need
I pray God … my lost and my seed
Does who … judge even harder
So .. for me time consider me immortal
.. cause even dough I don’t curse i speak dangerous amount of ..
So feel this cause I’m a one man army


It’s a lonely walk .. invisible
God I know you are with me
But I just wish You were physical
I remain lyrical
Bad than these men
Power to .. and a ink form my …
You don’t tell me how much change can one man be
I need to know how much pain can one man take
I cannot change people I just got to pray for them
When I get to heaven can I open up the gates for
.. believe me I know it well
Who survived .. sex drugs guns and jail …
I won’t sell but … don’t sell
.. it ain’t about black and white
It’s about heaven and hell
And I know you got to call it on me
So I am down here fighting
Cause I am the one man army