December Wolves - Friday The 13th lyrics

Toilet full of barf
Feel their tongues wrap around your neck like a scarf
Ingest the tiny white fish
Throw up the dreams all over the bowl
For which you have wished
A splash of water on your face
A total loss of time and place
Your mind and heart begin to race

A journey through the pipes
I have to pursue, I'm chasing you
Then from the pier
The juice has washed out to sea
But on the bench, a Friday the 13th

The smell floats around like a kite
And you'll remember when you're crying in your bed at night
I've got this flower in the field of sight

And as young'un, you aspire to become
The wretched demon who takes
Anyone from anyone, leaving a hardened shell
To bake in the Boston sun

Walk up the stairs
To taste her spit like chewing gum
And your fingers slip together
While they pinch around the naked plum

In a sea of splinters and smokestacks
Feeling so mundane
Ejecting all the pain

I look down and I noticed your hands splittin'
While installing your novocaine
From the chin, saliva traced
You're slowly dripping down the neck
And then the nipple taste
Moving into the field to let your tongue baste
Leave the phone on top of me
There's something around 5am we start to see