Deceit Taken - Fall Is Coming lyrics

Fall is coming everybody knows
Fall is coming everybody shows
Shows, that everybody rocks out
Outside where the leaves fall
Outside the house

Fall is here, everybody knows
Fall is here, shoot the gun lock and load
Say it isn't so, stop the blow, lock it up and then let it go
Block the shots and start the show
And let them know, for every night
All the way 'till they turn back on the lights (yeah)
And we jump into a party
Screaming, fall is coming! (yeah)

Falling into a plead
The life line that comes are these
Fall is coming
And never going
Just makes you want to scream!

Here we go again, in the front
Pile the leaves, then mess them up
Tired of plead, and made it up
Fire the leaves, Bless corrupt
Night to Eve, Not this please
Fight and greed, Brown and green
These are leaves, Frown in the scene
I doubt your lead, Make it bleed
This is the most s___ I've ever seen
And we scream and shout
That fall is coming out!

This is the way to be
Jumping into piles of leaves
Playing the games like were the kings
Bringing life into these parties
And scream-
Fall is coming! Na Na Na Na Na Na
Oh yeah! Na Na Na Na Na Na
Na Na Na
Na Na Na