Decadence - Do Not Resist lyrics

The great door has no entrance – any narrow roads lead to this... Whoever crosses that gate without entrance freely walks between heaven and earth, meanwhile hell below the risen sword makes you tremble... Walk on though and you will find the land of fortune. From the moment you can not walk further the mountain it is impossible to even reach the path. Do not resist. He who know controls the universe inside and could say – I am the universe – That’s why each one who tried to beat me confronts universe itself and he has to erupt its harmony. From the moment he thinks to fight me, he has lost. When the enemy marches on we disturb, when the enemy avoid conflict we attack, when the enemy retreats we leave noone behind. The great door has no entrance so I will leave fruits, flowers and food for your thought outside as a gift of excitement... Do not resist and I will erase your wrinkles of desire. Refusal means wisdom, wisdom breeds in peace, peace conflicts nature, nature feeds agression, agression equals instinct, instinct defends survival, survival is the perfect excuse. Life constructs destruction, destruction leads in war, war fights arrogance, arrogance is our best decoy. Do not resist.