Death SS - The 7th Seal lyrics

And when the lamb appeared
The sky became all dark
The land was wrapped in silence
All the dogs stopped to bark

And then the seven angels
Arrived in front of God
They carried seals and trumpets
To start the days of blood

And when the angels played
Hail, blood and fire came
The earth was melt by fire
The sea turned into ice

A star fell from the sky
It brought war and disease
Then people start to die
The end of life began

Seven horns, seven eyes
Seven seals to change your life
Play the game, it's time to die
Who can save your soul tonight?

The first seal was the conquest
The second was the war
The third brings us starvation
And the forth will kill the crowds

The fifth leads all the martyrs
The sixth will crash the world
The seventh seal is coming
It will be the end of all

Face death like in a chess game
And stop the dance of doom
All the mysteries of life
Are ready to be known

Is the future of mankind
or just a drama script?
Was all this just planned before
Or is it a sick trick?

Oh, lord, the seventh seal was sowed
It might be unpleasant, though
But that's the final show

Oh, lord, I've done all what you've asked
And I've fulfilled my task
But now I wanna know

So death did start her dance
The final game was lost
Rain wash away the tears
All actions have a cost

We cannot stop the time
We cannot win the snake
No sorrows, no regrets
Life is just a mistake