Death SS - Give 'Em Hell lyrics

Hey! We're here to fight tonight
'cause now the time is right
All things are going wrong
And all this can't go on
Let's come together now
To take a stand and shout
Let's scream loud our rage
We want to leave this cage

Hey! There's people who have tried
To knock off our flight
There's someone who would like
To see us to cease strife
But we're still playing here
No compromise or fear

'Cause there's no time to crawl
We'll rise and they will fall

Give'em hell - don't let them get you down
Give'em hell - don't let them win
Give'em hell - rise up your fist and fight
Give'em hell - the fray begin

Hey! You know we're born to win
You don't know we don't give in
For all things we pretend
We'll fight until the end
So we don't care of who
Tell us what we should do

'Cause in the final round
They will fall to the ground