Dear Dad, Yours Truly - To Die Is To Gain lyrics

It's not about letting go
It's about keeping him close
"Closure", "Release", these words don't exist
He's never left my side, but he's surely missed

We'll fly together
High and low through clouds one day
A million laps all for fun
Around the sun
Endless miles past the gates
Above the world
Racing gas powered cars
Down streets of gold

It hurts when the ones you love
Are the ones that love to hurt you
Everybody is selling you out
Nobody is selling virtue

And how you need the ones you love the most
When they are gone
And you keep asking yourself
Why the didn't live that long

But it don't get much longer than forever


Where does your heart beat?
A piece of my heart's gone!
But not for good

Sometimes to die is to gain
Goodbye dad, see you friend
One day, yes one day I'll see you again
I'll say everything I can

Nah, nah, nah