Dean Geyer - She Comes In Waves lyrics

shell dive into anything,
shes got the gold ring,
shes got the moon in her skin.

to touch her is permanent,
salt on her satin skin,
its all ok when shes there.

and she comes in waves
and then she slips away
and i wish shed stay
but you cant get what you want
and she comes waves
here she comes

shes pretty when she smiles,
and it goes for miles,
finds me wherever i am.

then i wake up alone.
like a bird that haas flown,
into something that i dont understand.

check the rearview mirror
watch it qall wash away once again.


dont know what im doing
its pushing and pulling me underneath
its hard to breath
and i know that tonight
ill be thinking it might
br the last time that she leaves.

shes here when shes here. then shes here