Deal Victoria - We Get Our Stripes From Zebras, Not From Flags lyrics

If you feel that you're not worth loving
Come home with me and I'll show you my bed
In the morning I'll be gone
In an hour you'll be dead

The sand cradled your neck like a mother
Gazing down on your precious head

Heres where the vultures sing as a choir
This is where the spiders nest

Man: "dont be afraid to try and scream
It'll make this whole night easier.
There's not a love as pure as lust
So goes the same with jealousy"

Girl: "there's not a star in the endless sky
That could keep my hope alive
These hands and feet were bound for you
To feed your secret life"

I've got a bad taste in my mouth

Dont bother reaching for the door
Cause no one loves you like I do