Deadlock - Killing The Time With A Haemoglobin lyrics

so sad of being here
so glad of being free
not dazzled of your temptations
the aim to live truly free is the first step forward
in not giving in your pathetic life
carve your self-made cool guy mask and wear it whenever you can
you are so overwhelming
you are my hero
you can change your style again and again it doesn't matter
never ever asking why
never ever live a lie
just to be seen in your scene
every conversation you take and every smile you smile I'm so tired but...
(you will do it to it's bitter end it doesn't matter)hmmm...
Oh no it's just the everyman's behaviour
but oh my dear and beautiful god I recognise that I'm guilty of this too
to bring me a relief is my belief
so I will take the consequence and metamorph into a demon
shall I kill the time...
I never want to but I will kill and I will drink my victims' blood
and I will squeeze it out of their bodies
the vampire takes control
haemoglobin is the drug and I will kill...