Dead Lemming Lounge - A Day In The Life Of A Freak lyrics

A social life on life support
Supports a decadent life
We have blinded each other
Or just closed our own eyes
And if you wanna know of what it's really like in our minds
Just turn on the PC and forget you're alive

This is a day in the life of a freak
Formerly someone who she knew completely
Indifference is a beautiful thing
I sure can pull my weight in my daydreams

The window blinds draw dark lines all across all our rooms
And we stay up way too late
Enough to sleep until noon
The bedroom critic in me claims
It is all wrong to assume
That everyone is like me
There is no doubt that its true

I wanted no one
To leave me nowhere
I needed nothing
And that's what I've become tonight

Nothing, that's what we've become tonight