DeGarmo And Key - Alleyways Of Strife lyrics

Do you follow your feelings
Down through alleyways of strife?
Perhaps you've found the dark ones
Have become the way of life

Are you really so anxious
To see the depths of hell?
Tell me what's left of your happiness
Is there anything left to tell?

So sing praise!
Jesus Christ said He's going to raise—
The dead indeed

All you people of experience
See my ears are wet with youth
But how terrible the wrath of God
For those who reject the truth

I remember all my searches
Saying "seek and ye shall find"
Had I never accepted Jesus
He would have left me behind

(repeat chorus)

So, don't you be as a deafened man
Who says he has not heard!
Your conscience chokes on my witness
Because I'm singing to you God's Word

(repeat chorus)