De La Soul - Rev. Do Good 3 lyrics

[Rev. Do Good]: Oh look at the day outside, nice sunshine. Well look who we got here
[Ms. Johnson]: Oh Reverand
[Rev. Do Good]: At my favorite store, Ms. Johnson! How you doing Ms. Johnson?
[Ms. Johnson]: Hello Reverand Do Good, you know my son Malif?
[Rev. Do Good]: Yeah, I know Malif
[Malif]: Well hello Reverand Do Good, I really enjoyed the sermon.
[Rev. Do Good]: Yes uh...
[Malif]: I don't think you've met my friend, Jamal?
[Jamal:] 'Sup man, how you doing?
[Rev. Do Good]: How you doing Jamal? It was nice to meet me. You know Malif's mom tells me good things about you
[Ms. johnson]: He's doing so well in school
[Jamal]: Yes sir Reverand. Very well; straight A's!
[Ms. Johnson]: That's my boy
[Rev. Do Good]: Life is good, life is sure enough good
[Jamal]: Tomorrow, I'm going to go sign up to be in Big Brother and then after that I'm going to the nursing home and help change bed pans
[Ms. Johnson]: He sure is
[Voice] See you later Reverand
[Rev. Do Good]: I'll see you over there, good day brother
[Jamal]: Excuse me, are you ready?
[Malif]: Yeah, I'm ready. So Mom, I'm going to drop off Jamal first, can I get you anything on the way home?
[Ms. Johnson]: No baby, that's okay
[Malif]: Okay, I'll see you later
[Ms. Johnson]: Bye baby, now be careful
[Jamal]: Bye Ms. Johnson
[Ms. Johnson]: Bye Jamal
[Jamal]: Goodbye Reverand.
Yes, my lady, you have a good day now

[Malif]: Let's go Jamal
[Jamal]: Yeah, yo, the Rev's got a funny do, not as funny as your ass and all that proper bogus shit
[Malif]: Hahahaha, yes sir, it's a nice day we're having Reverand. Yes sir, yes sir, life is mighty fine, sir.
[Jamal]: Hahaha
[Malif]: Nah, yo, nah, for real, can you take me to Short Circuits real fast?
[Jamal]: Yeah, no problem. Open up that glove compartment for me
[Malif]: What you want out of here?
[Jamal]: Just look in the back
[Malif]: Alright man, I know you bugging
[Jamal]: What?!
[Malif]: You been trying too much drugs here
[Jamal]: hey, whoa, whoa, it's not drugs man.
[Malif]: Yes, that's right
[Jamal]: Who you pulling off anyway? Just light it and pass it, alright?
[Malif]: Alright *Lights* Yo, yo, this some good shit yo, yo here
[Jamal]: Yo, what would the Reverand say? Life is good