Dc Cooper - Take Me In lyrics

On the hill she spreads her wings
With her anger she does sing
Tells me to walk away
Listen to what she has to say
Stands beside me through the day
Watches nightfall as I lay
Gives faith of what's beyond to find
The vision in my mind

She is my angel, protects me always
And take me in
Comes to the rescue, her wings will come

I was the chosen one, you chose to watch over

The moment that I fall, you're always there to...
Take me in...
Don't stay away if I turn my back on you
If you listen to the sounds of the voice inside
This will be the meeting with your own angel
I know I don't deserve mine
In my eyes I know I've failed her

But still she watches with disgust on her face
The moment that I die, her wings will come
She is my angel, spirits there always
And take me in