Days In The Grave - The Seperation Factor lyrics

Broken lines, redefined and scattered on the floor. You push away, a beautiful day and deprive yourself once more. Personificate scars of the past. How much longer can you last? Opening floodgates of our hearts I can taste it again, we're no longer apart. Just being alive, I feel the drive to tear up a list of those who look in my eyes and make suffering die, building friendships on my foes. When the stars came out it was no longer about schematic love and hate. Your flowers; mechanical. Your love; tyrannical. Walls are what you create. Bridges must repair. We can't be scared. As I exited the masquerade I felt so scared, was hidden behind a plastic face. But now the fuel was there. The roots I'd grown and the seed I'd sown gave me comfort and a home. But the flower grew and I built something new. Through hearts, like gardens, I roam. Burned our joined hands at the stake. A line erased with a friend you make. Boundaries, shattered.