Day Jennifer - Yeah, Right lyrics

Um, I don't wanna say it.... heh, yeah right...

Oooo, yeah,

Ya haven't said it yet, but I bet,
You were about to,
Well, I'm a modern girl,
And I can live with or without you,

You ain't gettin' to me, I'm cool,
I'm never gonna be your fool,

Yeah right,
Just look at me,
I know you can see,
How fast, how far, I've fallen,
Way over my head,
Whatever I said,
Well, that was my pride talkin',

You're the last thing I ever needed,
And I don't need air to breathe and,

No, I'm not in love,
Yeah right,

I told everybody else, and myself,
Love was overrated,
It's not for me, couldn't see,
How I'd ever be persuaded,

And I was usin' you to pass the time,
Well, forever never crossed my mind,


Yeah, right away, I knew,
That it had to be you, (that it had to be you)
Yeah, you,