Dawn Of Azazel - Triumph Upon Equinox lyrics

Upon the altar of war
Our eternal covenant sealed in blood
To offer unto
Upon the commemoration of harvest
To be combined with antichrist,
Upon the throne of might
All creator, all destroyer
In the coming dawn unite
The bearer of an Iron fist beheld as divine
Coup de stellar echoes, his ethos is mine

What shall be of your enfeebled man
When the time has come to bear the sword
In the eternity of this moment
We shall have the world
In the sigil of the conquering ones

Hold high the goal
And heighten the will
The arms of the feeble
Shall bear us still
Through tears and suffering
To the dawn and the triumph of the will
In this battle I hold
And raise high the impious sigil

Now blood of triumph
Anointing supremacy
The conceiver and the souls redeemer
Upon equinox I am these