David Wax Museum - Unfruitful lyrics

I met you at the door
Haven’t I seen you before?
I wanted to say but my lips they were sealed

Two spokes in the same wheel
At least, that’s how I feel
When you’re on top, I’ll go underneath

The stars go at your feet
When you’re on a wheel that is complete
And a senseless world starts to make sense

What we lack in our defense
We make up for in circumference
Let’s you and I set this wheel aflame

Tunnels in the same
Tunnels in the same
Like two worms we have opened
Tunnels in the same
Tunnels in the same
Tunnels in the same apple

At a fence two horses, one dappled
Came to us as to a chapel
Against your outreached hand, the grey one nuzzled

I thought of all the gas we’d guzzled
And the love that we’d kept muzzled
To reach these horses in their brown and trampled plot

Like two tightly wound knots
We watched the clouds like dark inkblots
Begin to soak their way across the sky

Sun a blackening eye
Rain churning the field into a pigsty
Car slowly filling up with shame


Our parallel searching has been without fruit until now