David Versis - Start It Up lyrics

Yeah, haha
I hope you ready
We going places, um

Ever since I passed Go, I keep having flashbacks
Homie I'm an asshole, you could get your ass cracked
I'm coming with no gimmick, no limit, Master P
Feeling like the king sized bed I lay in was named after me
They have got a little buzz, they are like light beer
Me I got a bigger buzz, I am like Lightyear
They keep getting woodies for me, uh, no Harrelson
They said white man can't jump? I'm in the air and shit
I am airing shit the air in here smells just like cinnamon
Plus the word amazing's just a David Versis synonym
Why you sleeping on me dog, why are y'all so ignorant
Took my champagne wishes and I drank'em, I'm belligerent
Can't you see that I'm just tryina bring you something different
Plus you know I got connects from New York out to Michigan
I be driving in the driver seat that I be sitting in
Got a fitted on, but I be far from fitting in
Sometimes I reminisce 'bout all my broker days
Now I get paid off of all the things I orchestrate
Look at me know, I'm so passed my mediocre stage
You are now dealing with a lion in an open cage
That's right an open Cage, I'll blow your Face Off
Out in Jersey stacking dough, I'm a cake boss
With them bitches that just don't believe in weight loss
That make Kim Kardashian's ass look like Kate Moss
My flow is digital, they be stuck in analog
I be getting flyer, getting flyer, like a catalogue
Oh you can't see me dog? That's because I've been fly
Homie I'm the shit now, they be getting pink eye, uh
The minute that I came through,
I took all my dreams and I made sure that they came true
I'm feeling like James Dean, I'm swinging like Babe Ruth
You just jealous of the fact it ain't you, ain't you?
Who the hell you know with a flow this spectacular
Watch me as I sink my teeth in bitch, Dracula
Yeah you talking shit but got no click backing ya
Hip-hop's protégé, uh, no Acura
No stage fright, on a late night, might find me with my glasses on
Just driving slow, down the road, better put my hazards on
These dudes all stink, they extinct, just like a Mastodon
Master this, after this, somebody better put this bastard on
And y'all should really hear the words that I be blurting out
Check the stands when I start balling, see about thirty scouts
Flow so grimy, flow so dirty like I'm from the dirty South
Plus it's Ludacris how I got a buzz simply by word of mouth
I just say peace out, I just say so long
Looking 'round me wondering why everybody face so long
Say Versis why you take so long? Uh, we can only wait so long
Don't worry homie the storms coming, better put your raincoat on
I'm the same me, just on a different song
Get your eye examined homie, your vision's wrong
Mad cause my shit is what your girl lips synching on
Three minutes in on the track that I'm still shitting on
Bout to make it rain, I suggest you fuckers get inside
When you make it other rappers 'round you wanna criticize
"Oh he sound like Drizzy but his skin a bit more ivory"
He's like Magic, I'm like Bird, just without the rivalry
I can see you insecure, you should just take my advice
Just accept the fact that this Toronto shit gon' happen twice
Shout goes out to J, Stiggy Drops, Que, Maverick
Imma take all of my homies with me once I'm Drafted

We give it to 'em every time
Uh huh