David Versis - Bon Voyage lyrics

Dipping lunges sticking punches the minute I heard the bell
Went away and came back stronger than a turtle shell
Rise from the ashes, look at everything I overcame
Now I’m twisting j’s, just like Jordans in a hurricane
Step inside the booth, grab the mic, then I dust it
Who’s the best?
I’m the best
That’s that, end of subject
I got stabbed in the heart, by the few people I trusted
Still I blew, shoulda knew
Get a clue, Colonel Mustard
It’s just me and Miss Scarlet
Chilling in the bedroom
Hands behind my head
Stretched out with some legroom
Shitting on these rappers treat these rappers like a restroom
Now they all saying I’m for real (pronounced as Pharrel) like a Neptune
I was sixteen, bumping Wu Tang Clan
Writing sweet-sixteens, eating Toucan Sam, ah
Chopping my beats up on Fruity Loops
Groupies who say ain’t want it with me, now I’m who they choose like Juicy Fruit
Look at how they act t’wards us
They be bending back for us
White boy in the high-tops like Zach Morris
But I’m so hot I keep on fighting with the AC
Slater see you later I don’t think a bell can save me
Happy Thanksgiving cocksucker, things are gravy
They just tryina keep up with the things I’m doing lately
I’m so enlightened Imma never lighten up
I’m a lover and a fighter man I fight for what I love
What the hell they bragging bout?
I’m the one they asking bout
They said I’m the biggest loser they must mean my bank account
I don’t ever plan on slimming down
Take your girl, dick her down
Put twigs in circles
Y’all don’t get it? You should stick around
Got nothing to prove
I live like I ain’t got nothing to lose
And I just keep on making art
I think that I should hang up in the Louvre
Was that way over your head?
Cause you bitches ain’t cultured
Man I look over my head now and all I see is vultures, ah
Success coming, watch the fame rise
Busy in my city trying to maintain ties
But I can no longer be friends with the same guys
Cause they don’t realize my music’s bout to change lives
Men act like women
Women turn to lovers
Lovers turn to groupies
Then groupies turn to others
It’s all cyclical
Stop being typical
Start being different it really ain’t that difficult
I done seen rappers go from pivotal to pitiful
Known names to no-names
Serious to cynical
Funny thing bout Versis is my name is fucking biblical
I struck a chord the minute the doctor cut the umbilical
I knew I was different from the minute I was born
Now I feel like Stanley, I be writing up a storm
I ain’t bout being hood, I’m about being tough
So when you see me in public we gone really know what’s up
Loose in the booth, tight in the flow
Bust on the beat just to lighten my load
They don’t know shit about him
Bout to drop his second album
(What’s it called?)
Poetic Symphonies And Like Minded Souls, BITCH

I ain’t playing around no more, nah
For real though I’ve had enough
Yo baby
Wanna party with a Vandal let me see your V’s up
Wanna party with a Vandal let me see your V’s up
Wanna party with a Vandal let me see your V’s up
I’m way more than they can handle Imma never ease up though