David Dondero - Laying Low In Eli, Nevada lyrics

Laying low in Eli, Nevada
On the loneliest highway just west of Utah
It has started to snow, I got a room for the night

I put a fiver in the slot, I took a shot
And then on came the lights
Bars of four came up twice
And a double super bonus, yeah
Twice was nice, you know
I couldn't believe it
I didn't even know how much it was
But it must've been the light, I hit the jackpot
I mean that whole place was abuzz

I've always been just a scratch off ticket
Till I win another ticket
To play then come up empty
And I throw that thing away
You know I tossed it on the floor like I was bored
But it was worth a shot to play

I've seen no luck in old Beloxi
You know I lost hundreds and hundreds worth of twenties
But at the hotel Nevada everything changed
I bought drinks for the house
A King's sweet with a couch
I mean the whole scene was a little weird and strange

The night went on and I got loaded, you know
When you're loaded it's too easy to get loaded
Don't you know what I mean
I'm talking loot cakes of cash
My casino cup was full, I had control
But it was a drastic contrast

I met this girl, blue eye shadow
Bleach blonde hair, silver sparkly stiletto
She's a drag strip dream
A real card playing queen
But I could tell she'd come to scam
With all her phony glitz and glam
But she damned my conscious stream

This girl she was much like a slot machine
Lowest odds you can't win off some card playing queen
But I let it roll
I wanted a golden egg from this sparrow
And then the pot bellied waitress said "here's a free shot, you should take this"
And my sights got a little narrow
I got sleepy she'd say "come on honey let's go upstairs before you lose the rest of your money"
Besides, you might get a little lucky with this card playing queen
My head was spinning like a roulette wheel with weighted dice, the loaded feel
But I was cooking up my own scheme
So off to bed I go with a girl I don't even know
Yeah I roll, roll, roll through the sheets we did roll

I woke up to an empty casino cup
Red lipstick on the mirror
Read "a sucker was sucked"
So I made some coffee
Tried to reevaluate my luck
Card playing queen departed, so I'm back to where I started
But she was kind enough, she was woman enough, she's good enough
To leave my five bucks