David Dallas - Life Is... (2011)

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David Dallas - Life Is... lyrics

From the pacific isle of Samoa via Middlemore,
and still as raw as the day a little boy was delivered dawn,
delivering non-fiction, all real, no silicon,
but sitting on a gold mine the way i’ve been killing songs
underdog but ain't tryin play this position long
the top cats is looking weak i look gorilla strong
ain't kidding dog king kong ain't got shit on me
worth the currency i’m flyin’ but ain’t got weed on me
you can catch me on a long hall riding Air New Zealand or Quantas
me and Che hit the states with no sponsors
and accomplished more than most these f*ck head labels did
even though they had untold grimes to pay for shit
pushing trash indie bands whose resume is paper thin,
the place once .. they never by once they play again
... i put money on the .. i don’t’ have
and say f*ck it if i fail .. so bad bee in .. i’d rather rick and be a jerk
and things is really living life when me and you .. home
i’m tryin see the world they’re just tryin to meet some girls
and get in the club for free for ..splurch..on my dick when i reemerge
..they just .. b*tch say it with
you think music sucks, now there ..majority
in a .. they probably ..and we don’t even have those ..
people ..taking down so i’ll blow up ..
but great stories don’t know if get told .. i just hope song..
ironic ‘cause for that i need a ..an icon..
..burn the f*cking cd ..on your eye for play it in the car
there’s some shit that you can vibe on
..it’s been a while ..keep the lights on