David Crosby - Somebody Else's Town lyrics

Somebody Else's Town (5:15)
Words: David Crosby and Jeff Pevar
Music: James Raymond

Blood is thicker than water
friendship's stronger than fear
love is God's favorite daughter
it's perfectly clear
I can see it tonight
in the comet's faint light
as my heels hit pavement
wet from the light
rain that's coming whispering down
on somebody else's town

A broken down diner
with three people in it
pulls my attention
for half a minute
I think about tryin' to talk
to explain why I'm takin' this walk

Why a simple motel room
can be some kind of hell room
it's making me get up and stalk this way
cause I don't want to say that
I'm down in somebody else's town

I am stronger than this
I have been here before
I am no freakin' kid
in his first taste of war
with the loneliness drifting
around here in
somebody else's town

Music spills out into the street
must be someone in there I could meet
but I think I will telephone home
hear that soft sleepy voice on the phone
keep them awake by the
sound of my talking
tell the truths I found out
walkin' in
somebody else's town

David Crosby: Vocals, Acoustic 12-String Guitar
Jeff Pevar: Vocals, Electric Guitars, Ebow
James Raymond: Lead Vocal, Piano, Electric Piano, Drum Programming
Leland Sklar: Bass
Curt Bisquera: Drums
Luis Conte: Percussion

© 1998 Stay Straight Music (BMI), Peeved Music (BMI), Proudfoot Music (ASCAP)