David Bowie - Survive (1999)

David Bowie - Survive (1999)
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David Bowie - Survive lyrics
[Intro] Got Oh my, naked eyes I should have kept you I should have tried I should have been a wiser kind of guy I miss you [Bridge] Give me wings Give me space Give me money for a change of face These noisy rooms and passion pants I loved you [Verse] Where's the morning in my life? Where's the sense in staying right? Who said time is on my side? I've got ears and eyes and nothing in my life But I survive your naked eyes I'll survive You alone across the floor You and me and nothing more You're the great mistake I never made I never lied to you, I hated when you lied But I'll survive your naked eyes I'll survive Beatle boys, all snowy white Razzle dazzle clubs every night Wish I'd sent a Valentine I love you [Outro] I'll survive Naked eyes I'll survive[x2] My naked eyes I'll survive