Dave Days - Never Gonna Stop

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Dave Days - Never Gonna Stop lyrics

I got 100 in my pocket I ain’t about to stop
Imma keep keep climbing push JB off that mountain top
Yeah watch me go forever Imma die before I ever quit
In the words of Mark and Jesse, I’m CEO BEEP!
Got internet no cable got more AU on my table
We got that sound underground like we’re keeping secrets from the label
I’m not much of a rapper so let me rap it up
I’m going back to the future once my time machine rolls up
Imma never gonna stop Imma lay low underground make it out on top
Imma never gonna stop Imma fly to the moon ’cause that’s how I walk
It’s my Timothy and a time machine
We ain’t got no time for no drama queens
Spit sick lyrics and comedy
And my room is the place where your mama be

Yo Dave Days how bout we go pick up De De
We don’t care what you say say
‘Cause we making so much pay pay
Giving up is not an option not while I’m alive
It’s ironic ’cause I’m Asian but I got the drive
To the fans showing love thank you and bless you
And to haters talking Shhhiiiii… you can STFU!
I be getting them dollars like I’m dancing on the stage
Watch the wheels keep turning for these hamsters in the cage
Sink my teeth into the night never resting in the day
Sun you can never burn me I’ve invested in some shades
Clap for the renegade no I’ve never been afraid Que the mad sid a cade?