Darryl's Grocery Bag - Do You Like My Van lyrics

Early In the Aqarium I Said,
"I'm Soaking" and
Sitting on a Curb Outside,
I Watch an Endless Parade of Antsy Skin and the Say

You Get What You Paid For,
You Need to Save More,
What Do You Have To Say For Yourself,
Could Someone Explain More,Could Someone Wait Up On Me I'm Just Trying to See The Sights.

And It's Not to Friendly On The Assembly Line,
Where We Spend Our Time But I'm Through,
And I Can't go back There and You Cant Make me Care
Cuz I'm Tired Having Something to Prove

I'd Rather Be Broke, And Live on a Stage,
I'd Rather pump Gas For Minimum Wage
I'd Rather Be Here, Then Somewhere You Are,
Do you Like My Van? Cuz I Hate Your Car..(x2)