Darren Hanlon - Video Store lyrics

Well they met at Business College
She made a ledger of his heart
He never knew how good it felt
Until they pushed their desks together
He added up the minutes they spent walking to her car
To know how much time wasted he didn't need his calculator
Then at the Graduation Party
On the final day of class
He probably drank a lot more cheap champagne
Then he intended
But the cake was almost taken
The hors-d'oevres were fading fast
And they were handing out certificates
To all those who attended
And as they leaned out on the window sill
He said "You've got fantastic people skills,
And I've a flair for accounting
We've got the rest of our lives at our disposal
So I hope you'll please consider
My following proposal:
Let's move out to the country
And we'll open up a video store
So she chose a wedding ring and then together they chose a town
The diamond in the desert, his fortune around her finger
Business names and colour schemes became points contended
And in quiet times his idea for a jingle he would sing her
Crowd for which they were hoping arrived at the grand opening
And in their hands they waved their vouchers
They locked both the doors at the end of the day's trading
And they held hands behind the counter as on the town the sun was fading
Yeah they moved out to the country and they opened up a video store
And he would always look to the quiet times
When the tapes were all returned
And they could sit back together relax and just rewind
And it seems that now the profits paid a hair salon on Saturday
And the gallop meeting on a Sunday
All perms must fall, she was starting to get lazy
And he shopped at the local Men's Land
'Cause the prices were always crazy
Yeah they moved out to the country
And they opened up a video store