Darren Hanlon - Security Leak lyrics

I have to find out what you know
Before I let you go I have to find out what you know
I've got a lie detector, I know methods of Chinese torture
So make a list of all the things that I bought ya and I'll write you out a cheque
For three hundred thousand dollars you'll catch the perfect kiss on film
Because the kiss sold the movie, at least it did back in the '40s
But to me that seems like such ridiculous money, why do they need a crew of 50
When I don't need support from any union, just your pair of lips
They're bugging the phones trying to expose the lies
In obsequious tones there's pincers and pliers
They're not trying to embrace you they're frisking for wires
So if you give your side of the story will I let you go…negatory
You know I love to hear you speaking but security is leaking