Darren Hanlon - Cheat The Future lyrics

Over three hundred thousand stars make up the solar system
They hang around all night and talk to anyone who'll listen
And lecture you on which way you're bound to go
But the only thing he thinks about the only thing he needs to know
Is not his time and date and place of birth
But only that he's born in the same galaxy as her
So go over to your girlfriends house and ask her for yourself
Cause after all you know her better than anyone else
This town's so small it could be built of cardboard boxes
When the walk from you to her is the same length that 14 blocks is
Always chewing on fingernail, surrender or set sail
It's given with a spoon of sugar but take it with a grain of salt
You can't blame him for dreaming that cannot be a fault
Always judging books by what's written on the sleeve
Make sure you don't read everything that you believe
He locks his door and turns his head towards her street
Don't try to cheat the future cause you're just cheating yourself
A jackpot in the lottery, you'll chance meet a handsome stranger
Relying on some prophesy to be your lifes re-arranger
She'll leaving soon so you gotta fly
He walks past the church they're singing 'el anamor ardini'
A hymn written in Hebrew, to him it sounds all Greek
Don't try to cheat the future cause you're just cheating yourself