Dark Lotus - I Don't Care lyrics

You say i talk to much i dont care i talk to much...
Mama said i failed in life i dont care i failed in life..
Daddy says i drink to much i dont care i drink too much
People say im heading no where and i dont fucking care
jimmy johnsons gonna die sara suizeis gonna die
everybodys diein slow i dont give a fuck though
im only short like 50 bucks i couldnt get 50 fucks
i can really use some help you can go and fuck yourself
everybodys gonna die terror falling from the sky
mothers with they children crying i can give a fuck why
they say u'll never walk again well plug the sega in
i think somebody stole my truck tell someone who gives a fuck
my entire world is falling entire world is fallin (2x)
how much do they charge in there wait a min. i dont care
ima shoot u in the face ill tell you how the bullets taste
critics say you imatate i dont give a fuckalate
50 millon people im crying
tell me all the things you saw as if i give a fuck at all
you see me sittin in a chair look but i aint even there
all the things you sayin to me go right through me
if i was to pick it up id have to give a fuck
i cant do nothin about it (4x)
rainforests burning down raring riots all around
im inside like fuck em all whats the main event on raw
poisning mad cow diease shooting it with double g's
sdt's spreadin bear back upin this neden
i dont care
my entire world is falling entire world is falling (2x)
i cant do nothin about it (4x)
everyone is gonna die fuck i aint afraid to die
come on shoot me in the eye do it see if i survive
give it to me point blank better..::gun shot::
did you hit him? yes and i dont give a fuck less!
captin its a dark night get your money or your life
take it both for all i care dump your bullets right here
bitch you notice all this dough? i think your crawlin on the floor
ask me did i ever care?......nah
my entire world is falling entire world is falling (3x)
i dont care (13x)