Dark Forest - Wind And Waves lyrics

The northmen decide, that now is the time
The time to avenge all wrong done.
They know it is time, it's time for a war
They make the plans for the attack.
They look to the sky, so clear and so free
The sun sinks down into the ground.
A sign of the time, when the night will arrive
To send these cross-men to their burning "hell".

The night's dark has come, only lit by their flames
They say their last words to their loved.
They sing songs of war, and they gather their arms,
Now they head down for the dark shores.
Down on the shores, they hail these ships
These dragons so swift and so grim.
Armed is them all, for battles beyond
These ships now set sail for glorious war.

"O wind, give us strength from up high
O wind, give us strength from the sky"

Now the ships leave the bay, dragons on bow
The winds of glory fill their sails
The thousands of stars, up in the sky
Fuel these pagan's pride
A man stands on deck, gazing at the sea
Wondering "will I give up it all?"
He smiles grimly and raises his sword
Towards Odin's mighty hall.