Dantes Dream - Give In lyrics

He comes to meet the eye
The calm before good-bye
But I will not give in, no

He turns to away,
I will stand right here
And I won’t give way, no

I’ve seen him in all colours
And then there were sorrows
That I couldn’t handle
This man is a riddle
He lives in a jail here and
I’d like to get into

Hey, would you let it go
Tell me as I sit here
I will not give in
I cannot give up
Just to feel his love
Is all that I’m needing
I tell you this man is a riddle

I didn’t wait for years
To see him disappear
Now that I am with him

Something makes me sure
Whatever I will do
He’ll never need me

I’ve been rising and falling
with him I felt torn
and within I fell on,
never hitting the ground though
I showed him a knife and my heart and
He liked to stab into