Danny O’Keefe - So Long Harry Truman lyrics


I can't stand to read the papers
Seems like all the news is bad
And an empty anger keeps me
From feeling really sad

These are strange times we live in
Hard games we play
Wager very carefully
And play'em as they lay

But don't play no cards ain't in your hand
So long Harry Truman
Goddamn it's hard to find an honest man

No longer sure of waking
No longer sure of sleep
A prisoner bound by promises
We knew he could not keep

And someone said, let's hang him
For he is a fool
Ah, but tell me just how was it
That he came to rule

Never trust an enemy
Never cheat a friend
Just doin' what you think is right
Usually works out in the end

And the president thought of Truman
When he knew the end was near
You can pass it on for quite a while
But it's true, the buck stops here